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The Offshore Radiostations...
We go back to the second half of the fifties of the last century. In the excitement after World War II, the foundation was made for European commercial offshore radio. The adventure started in Scandinavia. Like everywhere else in Europe, radio frequenties were ruled by the government. That's why some smart entrepeneurs decided to seek the international waters. From ships stations like Radio Mercur, Radio Syd, Dansk Commercielle Radio started their transmissions. The Dutch followed this idea and started Radio Veronica. For a few years not much was going on, but in 1964 British offshore-radiostations like Rado Caroline, Radio London, Radio Essex, Radio 390, Radio 270, Swing Radio England, Radio City boomed.

Even though their popularity was tremendous, British authorities wanted to stop their broadcastings. An 'anti-pirate station' bill passed and except for Radio Caroline all the great stations had to close down. In Sweden, Denmark and Norway the same had already happended in 1962.

In the Netherlands, Radio Veronica survived. In 1970 this station had to compete with a new one, Radio Northsea International (RNI) and later with the Flemish-oriented Radio Mi Amigo and Radio Atlantis. Eventually the bill was also passed in the Netherlands in 1974. Again, many closed down, except Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo.
In the eighties we saw new projects offshore Belgium and Holland: Laser 558, Radio Monique, Radio 558, Radio 819,...
With much nostalgia people nowadays still listen to the old stations and in the news group they still write about the great years of offshore-radio.

The Offshore Radio Archive is a group trying to collect, save and spread amongst its members as many of these broadcast programmes as possible. The Offshore Radio Archive is a sharing club where members help each other to collect radio recordings of offshore radio stations. However, if you do not posess any recordings, you are welcome, too.
In the meantime, the Offshore Radio Archive has collected thousands of hours of recordings, of almost all offshore stations.

For 15 euros a year, you can join us and enjoy the sound of the offshore radio stations again and again.
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